Fridays Fabulous Five

Friday’s Fabulous Five~Volume 9

One~long month. July was an incredible month for us. We squeezed in 2 trips to the beach, the first one was for 5 days and we stayed at this incredible place in Mendocino. You can read all about that trip HERE. The 2nd was just a day trip to our favorite beach. Stinson beach is the perfect day getaway when you just want to go sit in the sand and watch the waves. Kona loves this Stinson because the sand is soft on her little princess paws.

Two~camping trips were also managed in the month of July. The first was a couple of days at Lake Tahoe. It was literally my first camping trip since I was in my 20’s and a single mom. That is a whole different story that I will write about someday. The second trip was to Yosemite and it was so incredible. I can not believe we have lived here 7 years and it was my first visit! You can read all about it HERE.

Three~ pounds up, four pounds down, this seems to be the pattern of my Keto journey. I go on it strict for the week, then when we go camping, the s’mores win me over. The first trip to the coast I gained 3lbs. Lost them within the week. Then camping, gained 2 lost 3 that week. Yosemite, gained 1 and then lost 2. Maybe the s’mores are okay for a bit. All in all, I am loving the new keto lifestyle. I would say, its about 95% of the time that I am super strict on it. If there is something that feels very special or I would feel deprived, I take a bite and I am good. Accept the s’mores of coarse. Thank goodness the camping is finished.

Four~ days is what it has taken Kona girl to recover from every adventure we took this summer. We thought she was ready for her Daddy to go back to work so she could get some rest, but I actually think she is in a state of depression now. These trips are exhausting for a dog. She was on high alert camping, swimming, bear watch, and s’more watch over the last month. It has been fun to see her experience so many new things!

She would swim forever if we let her

Five-years from now, will it matter? This is a question that Frank and I have always asked ourselves. When I look back at what I thought were the most trying times of our lives, I can hardly remember the names or faces of the tormentors. It has always helped us to keep a clear perspective on what really matters. So, when you find yourself in a time of your life that seems unbearable, or even just stressful, ask yourself. “5 years from now will it matter”.


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