Fridays Fabulous Five

Friday’s Fabulous Five~Volume 8

One- weekend at a time, Frank and I are adventuring around the areas of Northern California that we have not had a chance to visit. Living in Sonoma just makes it easy. Deciding to take full advantage of his work transition, July has been a month of incredible journeys. We spent the week of the 4th in Mendocino at a fantastic cottage. You can read about that HERE. Last week we spent two days and one night in Lake Tahoe. Deciding to go up on a Sunday morning and camp near Tahoe city for a night. We had a blast. Most people who know me are surprised to hear I would camp. The thing that people do not know about me is that traveling will always come first over anything, including comfort. I will do anything to adventure through life. This Sunday morning we will be waking super early for our next adventure. Stay tuned!

Kona loves camping and Lake Tahoe

Two- weeks in a row Sonoma Valley has had more houses on our brokers than we usually do in the spring. Is it a one time thing or will it be the new norm. We are definitely seeing some interesting times in the real estate world right now. Everyone always asks the same question. “How is the market?” For an in depth look at the answer to this, you can read the latest quarterly reports HERE.

Three- days is what it has taken Kona to recuperate from her Lake Tahoe adventure. She swam, ran, stayed awake all night in the tent looking for bears. It was comical to watch her as we sat around the camp fire making s’mores and enjoying a glass of red wine. She excused herself and went to the tent to lay down. Waiting in there for hours, with a half an eye open to make sure we were still around. She is so funny. The next morning, Frank walked over to the store across the street for coffee, left Kona in the tent with me, She stood alert, watching him every step of the way. I snapped this picture of her, thinking she was so beautiful.

Four- years can bring so much change in someones life. Especially with finances. We are always looking at how we can make our self worth better. Lately, we have been re visiting our budget and finances. This is a subject that people do not talk about near enough. For many years I have used an app or actually when I started using this program, there were no apps. There were hardly cell phones. It is called Mint. It tracks all of your spending, puts it in your budget categories, tells you when your over, and keeps you accountable. It also tracks your investments. If you do not use some sort of a system to keep yourself in check, I highly advise you giving it a try for 3-6 months and see if it makes a difference in your life. I mean, if you do not have spending guide lines, how do you manage your money? These are things we are not always taught or even talk about. But why not? It is super important.

What’s a Budget?

Five- minutes a day is all I need for a little meditation. What does that look like? It generally takes place in my back yard, which has become a little oasis. There are birds, flowers, fountains, a succulent garden, and so many pretty little places to look at and just be. There is this great app called headspace. You can set it on however many minutes you want. Five is usually my max attentions span. There have been days that a full ten minutes has taken place. I mean, the way you feel when you meditate for five minutes is priceless!

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