Repris~Moon Mountain’s Luxury Wine’s

Such a great visit we had yesterday at Repris.  Since Frank is off for the month, we have decided to get out and enjoy more of the things that are talked about and put off.  Almost five years ago to the day we visited Repris. Bree, our daughter, set up our last visit for his birthday in 2014. (It’s strange, Frank and I have always had a saying during trying times in our lives. “Five years from now, will it matter?” It puts things in perspective. This entire experience had changed since our last visit.  Arriving at the top of moon mountain, we pushed the call button to have the gate opened at this appointment only winery. Even this simple action feels elite.  Proceeding up the driveway to the designated parking area, exiting the car, we walked towards the building. Being greeted after just a few steps by the most beautiful smile.  Lydia was our incredible host for the afternoon.  She was a gem.

 After a sip of the beautiful estate grown sauvignon blanc, we were escorted to a luring sitting area. Couches, tables, umbrellas, and various cozy nooks were scattered amongst the lavender.  Bee’s pollinating all around, I could almost taste that lavender honey that was obviously being made somewhere. Lydia shared in great detail, how this estate had evolved over the years. Learning that the original ground was broken with dynamite in a slightly unorthodox, affordable labor intensive way.  You will have to take the tour to get the entire scoop on that. Listening to Lydia’s story telling while looking out at the hills of vineyards, the imagination runs wild with pictures of what could have taken place for decades on this estate. Repris means to “take back”, which becomes a clear message as you hear about the entire journey of the previous proprietors as well as the current one. Frank and I found ourselves fascinated beyond words, with the history of this incredible property.

Another taste, this time, Melange Blanc, that was a gorgeous blend of estate grown Rhône whites, a crisp, dry wine that had me thinking how much I loved those fish and chips we had last week in Mendocino. Next time we head to the beach, I will be sure to take a bottle of this nugget! With a taste of the Zinfandel in our glasses we were guided into the utility vehicle, and driven around some of the vineyards and taken up the a breathtaking view of the property. Given an education on the blocks of grapes, olive trees, as well as some of the organic gardening techniques.  I can only imagine how hard it is to have a certified organic vineyard in California.  Once we were done with our photo opportunities, we were driven back down the mountain.

Next up, the Caves! These incredible holes in the mountain were dug out years ago with some tools that have left marks in the walls. Barrels of wine stored all around, not only for Repris, but also for Pangloss and Texture, the two other brands that fall under this umbrella of “grape gold”. A gorgeous table set up in one alcove for private parties.  My brain was running wild, picturing the events that must take place here.  The tables had candles lit all around, the restoration hardware style set up  was elegantly rustic.  Cozy, warm blankets hung on the back of each chair to conveniently keep some added warmth in the 55-60 degree caves. I mean, I just wanted to sit down, and have a glass of the cabernet sauvignon we were drinking from the Jennifer block (oh sooo good!) and listen to Lydia’s journey down history lane all day.

Slowly strolling out of the cave and up the turret. Becoming a huge fan of turrets after my daughter had her first college dorm in an old turret in Burlington Vermont at Champlain College. This was a slice of heaven, sitting at a table in a turret, views of acres of vineyards, great company, great wines, cheese and charcuterie! The only thing missing was someone playing the saxophone or a harp in the corner. Don’t worry, my imagination had it happening. The two wines we had here were called Left Bank and Right Bank. Both named after the Gironde river. This could be a totally different blog in itself, so I will leave it with the names. One was a Cabernet Sauvignon base and one was a Merlot base of 60% and the 40% in both wines was Cabernet Franc. Being a huge fan of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, my love of one was strong. Our bites were incredible! Wait! Let me say that again… They were incredible. There was various meats, cheeses, and other nibbles. The delicious blue cheese from Paso was so yummy! I also loved the Truffle Tremor from Cypress Grove paired with the red onion confiture together! Delicious with the wines…. There were some smashed fava beans that were fried! Oh My!

All in all, this was a visit that will be hard to match for a long time. The details of elegance are endless, from your name being printed on the tasting menu to the feeling of being with family. When you can marry spectacular wines with the perfect setting, impeccable company, and some tasty morsels that just leave you wanting more. A person does not experience this every day. Ohhhhh Sonoma Lifestyle at it’s finest.

Let’s see what the next five years brings…


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