Fridays Fabulous Five-Volume 6

One- month was the goal I set on January 1st, 2019. I wanted to try to go one month without buying or using a plastic water bottle. It is now the beginning of July, and I am still going strong. How did than happen? After easily going the 30 days, it occurred to me that I should keep going and just see how long I can go. Has it been easy? Yes, it has. I mean, you have to think ahead and carry your water container with you everywhere. Once that becomes a habit, it is easy peezy. This hydroflask is from Kua Coffee Mill I love it for traveling because it is the perfect size.

Two-huge garden areas and one large chicken pen was sitting on about 9 acres with 11 cute little cottages sitting all around. We decided to go to Gualala, which is just into Mendocino county. Some people call it Mendonoma. Actually, Mar Vista Cottages, sit in Anchor Bay. It is such a fabulous spot. As you arrive, you drive up the county lane, to the check in house, where you are greeted by the sweetest lady, Renata. She is in her brimmed hat, and dress, and just fits the part of a country inn keeper. Her husband Tom is somewhere nearby with his two dogs always in tow. The property sits along the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by eucalyptus trees that must be hundreds of years old. The sound of them creaking in the wind with the ocean cracking in the distance is mesmerizing. The entire blog about this spectacular place is HERE.

Three-weeks ago, Frank and I made the decision together that he would make a career move. Usually a move means you know where you are going. People may think we are crazy, looking in from the outside, but often times, you just know in your knower when you are making the right decision. I am loving seeing him so relaxed. We are finally having a true vacation that neither one of us are working. Generally we both take our work with us, as both of our jobs were hard to get away from. We did not know, but ended up in a destination that has no cell reception, we have wifi when we are in our cottage, but who wants to sit in a cottage all day? So, here we are, talking to each other, spending time in a hammock, frolicking on the beach, collecting sea glass, and rocks. Its been a magical few days. I mean, do we really understand how much time we spend working? I wonder.

This is what vacation is all about!

Four- days at the beach. We always go on the 4th of July weekend. Kona has severe trauma from the fireworks that go off over our house. I mean, I can’t blame her. It is super loud when you live so close the the launching point. Our kids call her “princess paws” and to be honest, it is pretty accurate. Frank and I are super overprotective of her. The only time we put her second it when we are around our grandkids. Either way, here we are! Loving the perfect vacation. We are staying near some people from the Vacaville area and are told that Travis AFB did a pretty cool drone show last year. Is it time for our country to re think the firework situation and possibly step it up the the 21st century? I am sure our Veteran’s and Animals would appreciate it. Especially in a state that continues to burn up. Comments are welcome on this subject.

Ocean Dreamin’

Five-great wines we had while on vacation. 1. Obrien’ Estates 2015 Seduction- enjoyed by the firepit and paired beautifully with s’mores 2. EnGarde 2018 Rose of Pinot Noir –endulged on our deck, while ocean gazing, paired with cheese and salami. 3. Texture 2015 Deer Meadows Pinot Noir– celebrated on the 4th of July, by the campfire, paired with those incredible s’mores again. 4. Dreaming Tree 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon- sipped while enjoying a steak dinner with roasted peppers and zucchini, made on the barbeque. 5. Rhoderer Estate Brut Sparkling wine-reward after a beach hike, brunch bubs mixed with a little OJ & Mango juice, paired with eggs Benedict. Obviously with those fresh eggs hung by our door.


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