Fridays Fabulous Five

Fridays Fabulous Five- Volume 5

One-more day at the beach. There is just something about summer. I find myself looking at the calendar every week, looking for a day, any day we can go to the beach. Father’s day we decided to take a drive to Jenner, grab some coffee at our favorite coffee place on the coast, then drive up the coast towards Mendocino  County. Played along the ocean along the way, walked several trails, and ended up hanging out at the mouth of the Gualala river. Why do they call it a mouth? It seems like such a strange name. Why not opening or entrance? Mouth? Who has these jobs that come up with descriptors?

Two- Days with a two year old and I am both seeing life through innocence and also tired from doing so. There is something so magical about spending time with a toddler and seeing things through their inquiring eyes. A firetruck driving by with its loud sirens, the crosswalk buttons and lights, the various birds, colorful flowers, stores, and even nuts and bananas are all seen so differently. The joys that you can find from spending a day with such sweetness. I suggest we all do it once in a while. ~ It truly fills the soul~

Xiomara Princess

Three-hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a mobile home. This may be a record high price for a Mobile in Sonoma. I will have to do some research and get back to you on that. It was on brokers tour last Thursday . Listed by Erin George of Sothebys. The space rent is $653 which is actually a bargain. It is located in Seven Flags 55 and over park that is out off Watmaugh Rd. Honestly, it is in a beautiful setting by a creek and looks so pretty and fresh on the inside. It is brand spanking new and has never even been lived in.

Four- weeks of the much hyped up Keto diet and I am hooked. This is my last week of the 30 day challenge. These are some of the things I have learned. The brain gets super sharp and clear headed. This is hard to explain other than, you see right through thing. You hear this but until you experience it, it is hard to explain. Kind of like a runners high. Sleep is incredible. I have always bee the person who sleeps 8-10 hours a night. I love sleep. Lately, it has been more like 6-7. My sleep is so deep and restful, I just wake up rested and ready to go. The best part for me so far on Keto is I am just not hungry. As long as I eat the appropriate fats, the hunger just seems to fade away. I will report back after July 1st to let you know a total weight loss.

Tick and Tank’s Adventures

Five- years is a long time at a job in the wine industry. Frank and I spent most of our lives in one job. When we decided to move on and enjoy life, we both knew that we would embrace that luxury to the fullest. I am excited to say, after almost five years at Passaggio Wines, Frank has decided to pursue a new journey. He is extremely grateful for the years he has been there, and will really miss many aspects of being the tasting room manager at Passaggio wines. I am super excited to see what he decides to write on the next pages of his life. It is always a stressful and exhilarating moment when we get to reinvent ourselves. I will keep you posted on the next chapter.

“Without Change There Would Be No Butterflies”

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