Fridays Fabulous Five- Volume 4

One- day at the beach is all you need to make your soul feel complete. Well, in my case, this is just not true. I am a beach girl and miss it every day. People ask me all the time if I miss Hawaii. The answer is always the same, I miss the ocean. Monday was forecasted to be over 100 in Sonoma so we did what any sane person would do with a day off. Packed up the car, loaded up Kona girl and headed to the beach. Stinson beach is our go to. The drive there is so pretty and there is a certain spot that we love to hang out. So much so, that we even have gotten to know some of the people who live along the road we park on. Kona is like a small child who can not stay out of the water. She runs in and out over and over, riding the waves like she just knows how to have fun. She really is a surfer dog. It brings Frank and I so much joy to sit and watch her play.

Two- Weeks of Keto and its been good. I can honestly say, I really like it. More than anything, I like the way my brain feels on point. You hear people say your brain is sharp on Keto, it is true. Clearly our brains need fat. The other thing I was not prepared for was the deep sleep. I mean it is so deep that I am up at 4 or 5 a.m. lately. Which is good for getting shit done. So far so good. I will keep you posted on the results July 1st. My favorite go to snack has been a handful of pecans or pork rinds. Favorite meal this summer has been taco bowls, or bunless burgers. If you have not had the courage to try Keto and want to, let me know, I am learning some tips along the way.

Three- girls can either be really good or it can go very sour quickly. In this case, it was fantastic. My cousins visited last weekend and we had so much fun. We picked only one wine event to go to while they were here. As you know, the wine tasting can be a bit overwhelming and it is easy to just drink too much. Then you just feel poopy. We walked the plaza, had ice cream at sweet scoops, (I watched) shopped, The Rose day at Suite D was the event we chose. More than a dozen wineries poured, people dressed up, there was food, music, and just a ton of fun.

Four- Humming bird feeders is what is around my house. I have written a blog about how to attract the cute little feathered friends. You can find it HERE I have to warn you though, it works and they eat a lot! I was up at 5 am filling all of the feeders today. They tend to eat early in the morning and right before dark. As I sit on my patio this morning writing this, they are buzzing around my head. For such little guys, they really crack me up.

Five- Million, Eight Hundred Thousand dollars is all it takes to buy one of the most beautiful homes I have seen on Brokers tours in a long. time. Listed by Kathleen Leonard of Compass Sonoma Valley. This incredible Craftsman home sits on a flat piece of land in Kenwood with panoramic view of some incredible mountains and vineyards. Built in 2013 with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. This home has it all. The kitchen with a 13-foot travertine island , wide halls, large bedrooms, wine cellar, luxurious bathrooms, pool, outdoor barbecue and eating area, guest house, incredible barn garage, and is nestled in the vineyards of Sonoma Valley. I mean, what more could a person ask for? I just ask myself, why on earth would you sell this? Feel free to give me a call if you would like to purchase this property….


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