Fridays Fabulous Five- Volume 3

One- good sushi roll is all it takes to make a persons day. Being a huge fan of good sushi, it was an exciting moment when Sonoma finally got a sushi place that just brightens your day. If you have not tried Shige Sushi in Maxwell village, you are truly missing out on one of Sonoma’s best new places.

Or maybe Three!
Singe Sushi

Two- days in a row of sunshine, yes, summer is here. It is hard to believe that Monday will be almost 100 with 80% humidity. This is just going to be a shock for our systems. I mean, we get the hot days, but humidity? What is happening? My garden is going to love it though!

My Happy Place

Three- olives is what it takes to make a good dirty martini. As many of you may know, Keto has been my friend since June 1st. My sis, Gina and her husband Greg and I all decided to do a 30 day challenge with each other. It is day 6 and to be honest, I am loving it. Even though I have been trying to avoid alcohol altogether, I have had a good martini a couple of times. I am very specific about how I like them. This is how I order, Vodka martini with Kettle One, extra dirty and bruised with 3 olives please. With a smile on my face. Have you ever wondered who came up with these names? Bruised, dirty, stiff drink?

Extra Dirty and bruised, Please!

Four- days is what I really wish I had this weekend. My two cousins are coming into town from Arizona and Texas. I already know, it is going to be so fun having them here. We are planning on going to the Rose’ tasting at Sweet D. I will keep you posted on how it goes. For up to the minute pics, check out my instagram stories HERE

Five- properties, is what I will be showing to some clients in between the cousin visit. I wanted to get this out there because so many times I hear clients say they hate to waste the agents time to have them go with them. So, they either wait for an open house or just pass what could be a good house altogether. People! Showing homes and looking at them is the my favorite of my job. I love taking people, getting their feedback, listening to what they like or do not like, how they would change things up to fit their own lifestyle. This is what we get paid for! Please, WASTE MY TIME!

I mean who doesn’t want to dream?


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