Fridays Fabulous Five ~ Volume 2




img_3342One hammock is all you need for a good relaxing moment. This picture came up in my Facebook memories this week. It was this private beach Frank and I used to visit in Kona often. We called it turtle 🐢 beach. Many evenings we would pack some snacks and watch the sunset or go on a day off. We would drive our scooters there and hang out for hours watching the turtles swim around us. It was a magical moment in time. In Sonoma we have created our own little happy place right in our own back yard. We have swapped turtles for hummingbirds, butterflies, bright flowers, and water fountains. You can create your own oasis anywhere.

My new hummingbird feeder. You can find it here

Two realtors to sell one house, this is what it takes sometimes.  Just last week, my cousin from out of the state, reached out to me about a house her daughter was trying to sell. Without getting into too much detail, her realtor had pretty much gone MIA. She just fell out of a contract from hell and was wondering if she should switch agents. She had given the one she had a long time and was frustrated. After several conversations, they let me find them a great agent, (we all work on referrals so it helped me as well). When they went to take care of some business in their vacant home before switching up the listing, they discovered the person who had them tied up in a contract for several months, had moved herself into their home. What took a lot of time, police calls, eviction procedures, and immeasurable stress, they finally got the person out of their home and are now re listing with a very competent agent who will no doubt get the job done. Yes, we hear about these stories but, this is the first person I have actually known who had it happen. Moral of this story- get an agent you trust, or get a referral.

Three miles a day is what Kona really likes to walk. As most of our close friends know, we try to take her with us everywhere. She will lay for hours while we visit with people at a restaurant or a tasting room. She loves her morning walks with her daddy. Most people on the bike path know her by name and her purple stick that is always in her mouth. When she gets home from her walk, she will cuddle up with me while I drink my coffee. Then it is off to look out the window to wait for the mail man.  She knows there are treats in the mailbox.  Then it is back to the window to wait for the rents to get home from work. We should all have such a leisurely life. You can always catch Kona’s shenanigans on my instagram stories hereIMG_1128

Four white wines that I love- There is nothing better than a nice glass of crisp cold white wine on a warm summer day.  When you can sit with your favorite, watch the birds, and enjoy that special moment, you want something yummy.  Of coarse, champagne is top of the list, I include it in my white wine choices.  There is something so special about those crips bubbles.  Today, I will meet a good friend at the bubble lounge at Buena Vista for a nice afternoon glass and to pick up my wine club.  The perfect Friday.  Pangloss White was released this year. A lovely blend of Chenin blanc, Albariño, and Sauv Blanc. Super  balanced, crisp, yummy, and affordable.  I am told they are almost out of it.   Passaggio wines will always hit my list for whites.  My favorite this year is the Sauvignon Blanc- fun, bright, and refreshing. They have a great happy hour on Thursdays. Half off all glasses .  Obsidian Wine co. at Cornerstone also has the most delicious Sauv blanc. We love to go out there, have a glass of white, order a burger and sit with Kona girl.  Cornerstone is super dog friendly. Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 3.24.54 PM

Five goals, is what I am usually running with at all times.  I generally have a health, financial, self care, work, and vacation goal running most of the time.  June 1st falls on a Saturday, and it is a month with 30 days in it.  What a great month to set a good habit, break a bad habit, or just have a 3o day goal.  Even though Saturday is not a Monday, it is still a great day to start something.  Not being a person who likes to talk about goals before I accomplish them. I am trying something new.  This month, my sister, brother in law and myself have decided to do 30 days of Keto.  I have tried it for a week here and there, but never really stuck with it.  I am super curious about the craze and will be reporting back with the journey.  If you do keto, please share your favorite tips and tricks with me.



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