Wine Country Bubbles

Looking for a place to pick up a great bottle of bubbles for the holidays? Or maybe you just want to grab a glass and catch up with a friend.

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Photo credit- Sonoma_Dream


Here are some of my go to places…

Passaggio Wines is usually at the top of my list.  The new “Prelude” Blanc de Noirs does not disappoint.  It may be my favorite bubbly from this boutique winery yet. You can visit for a glass, a taste, or share a bottle. Located down “Vine Alley” in the Sonoma square.  Great place to stop and chill. Of coarse, it helps that the manager is so handsome…:)  Make sure you take a bottle home for the holidays.

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Photo credit- PassaggioWines

SIGH. Most people who visit or live in Wine Country love this little Champagne, Sparkling Wine bar located just off the Plaza.  It offers an array of choices either by the glass, or you can pick up a bottle to take home. Great place to catch up with a friend or go with a group of friends.

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Photo credit- SIGH.

Sonoma’s Best– Believe it or not, this little store has a fabulous choice of wines as well as bubbles.  Great stop to grab a crafted sandwich and enjoy it there with a nice glass of bubbly.  They offer many choices of bubbles both French and domestic.  A hidden gem for sure…

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 3.24.54 PM
Photo credit- Sonomawinemerch

The Panel– Looking for that bottle that you don’t see everywhere?  This is your stop.  Located just off Napa St, the Panel is a great place to pick up a bottle that is just a little different.

Gloria Ferrer (Sonoma Carneros) and Domaine Carneros(Napa Carneros) are both large Sparkling wine houses located in Wine Country’s Carneros AVA.  Carneros happens to be split between the 2 counties.  Both offer tastings, by the glass, food pairings, and bottles to go.  All with a view not to be missed.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 3.37.05 PM.png
Photo credit- domainecarneros




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