My Kitchen is in My Living Room

Last summer, I was fortunate enough to have one of the best clients a REALTOR® could hope for.  This hard working lady had worked her booty off her entire life to purchase her own home. She was a savvy shopper and knew what she wanted and set out to find it.  Without wasting a moment of my time nor hers in the games of a demanding real estate market, she shopped and trusted my advise. The property she desired had 4 other offers, with her determination and my creativity, she now owns her dream home.

Here is her story……

Exactly 1 year after I moved into my home, I was still trying to get my kitchen remodeled while living in my house at the same time.  As a single woman who managed to buy a home in Wine Country that was over a half a million dollars , on the salary of a server. I was remodeling the home in Sonoma, CA, I had purchased one piece at a time. The home had “great bones” as they like to say in Real Estate. I am not really sure what exactly that meant, but I didn’t really care.  I knew I had vision and I could make this my dream home with a little patience, time and money.Untitled design (11)

When I had purchased the home a year ago, it needed about 20 years worth of work done.  The popcorn ceilings removed, a closet taken down that was right as you walked in the door, the original burnt orange 70’s shag carpet replaced, paint throughout, a full kitchen remodel, the pool resurfaced and a large yard that needed a landscaping overhaul.  I decided to attack the closet removal, ceiling, paint, and floors first.  Hiring a handyman who gave me a bid for $10,000 for everything accept the floors.  Followed by a floor guy who did the entire home for $8,000. Spending $5,000 on all new appliances. This wiped out my budget until the following year. I needed to build back up my bank account before I did anything else.

I had a friend who did cabinets and he offered to help me move a few things so I could fit my new Labor Day Appliance purchases in the spaces I would want them.  He came over while I was at work and went to town.  I mean he did just that!

I got home and guess what, he decided I needed all of the cabinets and counters ripped out asap. Yikes!

Could this really be happening?

Funny thing happened during this entire process.  As a girl who had not had a boyfriend for decades, I fell in love with my handyman. What are the odds, a new home and a new man all in the same year?   He ended up moving in and helped me somewhat put my home in a functional matter to get me through the year.  He put the cabinets back together the best he could and hung what was functional, put plywood down for the counters and I got a cabinet piece to use as an island.

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I made it through the Sonoma wild fires, and the holidays with family and friends coming often and enjoying the space I had created. We cooked many meals, and drank some great wines, and enjoyed that Wine Country Lifestyle (minus the luxury).  My extremely open floor plan was great for entertaining. img_1416 After a year of living and such, I realized how I wanted the flow of my kitchen to be and was glad everything turned out the way it did.

Here I am a year later, I swapped out my commute and job in San Francisco, for a serving position at the famous “girl and the fig”, I have new floors, painted interior, beautiful ceilings with recessed lighting, no closet doors, no kitchen counters, a half of a landscaped yard, and I am so happy.  I mean over the top HAPPY!

I should be frustrated, because I have my new kitchen cabinets on my living room floor. img_1418

Why are they there? Because, I keep thinking my handyman boyfriend will be hanging them any day. However, some days you just need to take a bike ride through the vineyards and enjoy the moment.

I finally saved up enough money to get the cabinets, I am still working on the counters and that amazing aqua glass tile back splash.  It will come, I know it will.  I have spent the past year doing one little project at a time, and I am so proud of my home and myself.

Why, because I did this on a the wages of a server.

I love her story because……

This beautiful human has gone from being my client to one of my dearest friends.


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